Adventures 'Beta'

The Adventures has got everyone racing for the end. New adventures come out every month (an estimation) or week. The adventures are cool and exciting, along with hidden treasures that give you gems or prizes. Phantoms lurk in every corner of adventures, so be careful! Some or faster, and more alert, then others. If you have NO IDEA about the dark shaded circle around the phantoms, it's their seeing range.

As more adventures come, they get harder and mostly are for members-only. Plus, some are more mysterious than others...

Availible Adventures:

  • Return of the Phantoms: Save the Bunny Burrow! Can be in Hard Mode.
  • The Phantoms Portal: Defeat the wicked phantoms and save the monkeys! Can be in Hard Mode.
  • Meet Cosmo: Discover BOOMSEEDS and defeat the phantoms to save the koalas! Can be in Hard Mode.
  • The Hive: Use Boomseeds and torches to light up the Hive and find the Alpha Stones to defeat the phantom King Slam! Can be in Hard Mode. Members-only.
    Phantom King

    Oh no! It's the Phantom King! Run for your life!

  • The Escape: Oh no, the Phantoms have CAPTURED you and put you in a cell! Can you escape from the tower and save the monkeys before it's to late? Can be in Hard Mode. Members-only.
Better hang on to your tail, because in The Escape, everything is possible. Phanto
Phantom Watcher

An evil phantom watcher that can take all your lives at once.

m Watchers, secret tunnels, a cell that can't be opened? All you members out there are in for a bumpy ride! Save the monkeys and escape from the Phantom Tower before it's to late! Greely is dropping hints about how he is very interested in the Phantoms. Could it be that he is planning to turn on the Alphas and Jammaa and HELP the PHANTOMS destroy our beloved Jammaa? You think about it!

In the end of The Escape, there is a minigame that is quite like Wind Rider, exept four players can play it and you can't choose to not play it. When you fall to the ground, the world turns black and you are back to the start. Talk to Cosmo, then be done with the adventure. There is only 3 availible prizes: Polluted Graham statue, Phantom Cog, and the Mira Elbum.

The Bunny Burrow is easy peasy lemon-squeasy. (Sorry I just had to say that) There are lots of secret treasure chests.

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