Top 10 famous clan people:

10) Skunk0219- famous for leading shadowclan.

9)Wilted - famous for leading boneclan and impersonating people.

8) Holothewolf- thunderclan leader, dark forest creator and leader

7)jaguar40- famous for being the deputy of swiftclan and being funny.

6)101cp101- famous for being good friends with lillyrocks1, being mates with owlclan's dep, and being the second leader of fernclan.

5)xxmoonfallxx- originally thunderclan deputy under holo, went on to lead bloodclan.

4) Burned- famous for leading soulclan, being brothers with xxunforggetablexx, and for ruling a lot of clans.

3) xxunforggetablexx- famous for his intense fighting skills and for being soulclan's deputy and for being a skilled warrior.

2)laet- famous for leading bloodclan and making the most bloody wars.

1)jammer4570- famous for leading deathclan, bloodclan