long time ago passed greely liza sir gilbert there once a monkey named graham and graham go in the temple of zios and he saw the 3 alphas were here and graham joined the 3 alphas as graham become a alpha of the craft items and liza greely sir gilbert graham see phantoms coming down and the 4 alphas attacked the phantoms and the phantoms is ended and more and more phantoms coming and the 4 alphas attack the more phantoms after a while their saw mira come down and mira told them that other animals gonna become one of the alphas and the 4 alphas see phantom king come down taking the jammers away and the 4 alphas went after the portal and their finally went over the portal and their save the animals and their see the phantoms coming back gonna take the hearthstones again and the 4 alphas hid the hearthstones and the 4 alphas see a big storm water coming true and the big storm water been freeze in the mt shiveer and the 4 alphas create a healing staff and their put it in the mt shiveer hot cocoa shop and the 4 alphas see the phantoms coming down gonna build the phantom kingdom in the far away and the 4 alphas went after the phantoms and the 4 alphas knock down the phantoms and the 4 alphas ended the phantoms and once the alphas has saved jamaa

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