long time ago passed the wolf king there was a panda who named liza long time ago and liza saw a wolf in shadows in the clouds and liza follow the mysterious wolf after and liza see a wolf that named greely like the long time and liza meet greely and greely told liza to believe mira and zios and the liza see a bronken monkey statue and zios mask was in here and greely told her long time ago that the monkey king was here and liza understand and greely told her to become a alpha and liza do the training skills and liza done her skills and greely told her to attack the phantoms first and liza attack the phantoms and the phantoms were ended and liza find in the grass a long time purple staff with a purple gem and liza picked it up and liza learned how to attack the phantoms and liza come in every adventures and after a while liza become the leader of the alphas and liza attack all the phantoms and once mira come arrive liza and liza sees mira and mira talk to her about the wolf king and the monkey king and liza teach all the animals of jamaa how to battle the phantoms down after a while when millions of phantoms come millions of jammers come to attack phantoms and the jammers attack the phantoms and the jammers use the fly trap and their weapons to end the phantoms and the Big phantom king come arrived and the phantom king has taken away all the hearthstones and all jammers and liza went after the portal and the portal has going to disappear and liza get in the portal quick and all jammers missed out the portal and the portal disappears. and liza bring the hearth stone and liza uses her staff to make a portal and her left and she make the portal diasppear and once the jamaa has Saved Again and liza took the hearthstones to the lost temple of zios and put all of them next to the zios statue and she left and once jamaa has saved

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