Summary Edit

Twinkle Sunnypaw just wants to get into Alpha Academy. To her delight, she is accepted in. In her school, she does well in her challenges- but it's not done yet. It's her final test- to prove herself worthy of being an Alpha in training by forming an alliance to fight the phantoms and discover what happened to Greely after he sacrificed himself- and who the real villain was all along.

It All Begins Edit

Twinkle Sunnypaw jumped downstairs. She had written a report to get in Alpha Academy, and really needed to get in. Twinkle had written a detailed 10-page report concluding all the facts about phantoms and their creation, habitat, and plans. In another section she had written about jammaa's start and Mira and Zios' story.

The bell rung. Finally! Twinkle thought. She reached the door and swung it open. It almost hit the package squarely in the middle. It was labeled Twinkle Sunnypaw, Sarepia Street. Twinkle tore in open and found a small package inside, which the tore open as well. Inside there was another package, but instead of plain cardboard, a shining gold, violet, and black chest with detailed designs engraving the edges, and a picture of a jeweled phantom. There was a keyhole in the middle. Twinkle got the idea it was not meant to be torn open. Beside it was a small roll of parchment.

First, Twinkle carefully opened the parchment, which was decorated with a arm of coats: a panda, a koala, a monkey, a tiger, a bunny, a wolf, and a dolphin. Then she glanced at the detailed writing what was changing color.

Dear Twinkle Sunnypaw,

We are happy to declare that you have been accepted into Alpha Academy. You will train as an Alpha, among the others that got in, your teachers, the very own Alphas! We cannot guarantee you will make it, but it will be fun! There will be many challenges to take, but even if you don't get to be an Alpha in th end, it will help. Your supplies (a pair of gauntlets for the specific animal, as no gauntlets are the same, and a map) is located in your box. School starts in a week, and each year is year-round, each ending with a challenge.


Liza, Alpha Academy headmistress

Twinkle noticed a fold in the parchment. She undid it, and a violet key slid out. She realized what she should do, and plunged the key in the keyhole on the chest. The chest creaked open.

Twinkle's eyes widened excitement and wonder. The chest had a purple velvet interior, and in it lay a pair of phantom gauntlets with her name etched on them, as well as a badge that Alpha trainers wore. She had never seen a real one before. There was a detailed map of the school beside it. She tried on the gauntlets. They were comfortable and the perfect size for her. As she moved across the room, the violet pattern of a phantom spread below her feet. She carefully slid them in the box and locked them in. She tucked the key in her pocket. She just couldn't wait for school. How hard could it be?

Day 1 Edit

New school, new life, thought Twinkle as she padded through the rustling trees, phantom gauntlets sending rays of violet light around. "This should be it," she muttered out loud, glancing around the trees. She entered through a archway made by two weeping willows closing around each other and gasped.

A majestic school stood before her. It had a huge garden full of flowers of specimen she had never seen, and many students milling around them: talking, joking, laughing, and texting. But that wasn't what took her breath away. A huge crystal castle stood before. It had spirals twisting on the top and golden doors.

Twinkle made her way to the garden, looking around at the flowers and animals as she did so. A huge group of animals had circled around a smirking Arctic wolf about her age. The wolf was dark gray, with golden earrings. Twinkle recoiled at the look on her face, but leaned foward to listen.

"I'm going to be the next alpha for sure!" Laughed the arctic wolf. "My dad is Greely after all!" The animals around her nodded in agreement, fawning over her.

Twinkle sucked in a gasp. This wolf was Greely's daughter?! More curious than ever, she leaned closer.

"Undoubtedly!" Agreed a koala wearing a miniskirt and flower headband. "You'll the most amazing Alpha there ever was, Shade!"

Shade giggled. "Why thank you, Rosy!"

Rosy's eyes lit up. "She spoke to me," she yelped hysterically to her friend, a yellow fox.

Twinkle shook her head in disgust as Rosy and her friend giggled and yelped. This girl, Shade, is seriously overrated. She jumped as another fox approached her.

"I'm Snowflake Majorclaw," said the fox.

"Hi," said Twinkle. "I'm Twinkle Sunnypaw."

Snowflake glanced at her and laughed. "You don't look very twinkly or sunny to me!"

Twinkle glanced at her own violet and black fur. "It's just my name my parents gave me! But you look like snow through and through!"

Snowflake smiled, fluffing out her snowy white fur and admiring her own gauntlets- made out of ice. Her crystal blue eyes bored into her. "I'm new here," she sighed.

"Me too," responded Twinkle. "And," she added in a whisper, "I can already tell that Shade girl is a nut." Twinkle hoped that Snowflake wasn't a Shade supporter.

But her her relief, Snowflake laughed. "Me too, " she replied.

"ATTENTION!" Yowled a tiger, which Twinkle recognized as Sir Gilbert. Everyone quieted immediately, glancing at him in respect, but Shade just glanced at him and returned to flipping her fur in and looking in her facial mirror.

"Please follow me into the school," demanded Sir Gilbert. Everyone followed him in the school.

The school was made entirely of crystal. Statues of the Alphas decorated the halls with flower vases. Sir Gilbert passed everyone out a schedule.

Twinkle looked at hers. It said:

8:30- Room 5, Homeroom, Mrs. Amelia

8:40- Room 21, Creative Thinking, Professor Graham

9:38- Room 69, Hexes, Jinxes, and Phantom Studying and Fighting, Professor Greely

10:45- Room 72, Forest Survival Against Phantoms, Professor Cosmo

11:30- Room 22, Hero Training, Professor Sir Gilbert

12:20- Cafeteria, Lunch, Mr. Marco

12:50- Room 60, Water Survival, Ms. Tavie

1:30- Room 34, Escaping From The Enemy, Mrs Olive

2:20- Room 38, Scaring The Enemy, Mr. Cornelius

3:10- Room 60, History and Intelligence, Mrs. Avalon

4:00- Room 20, Surviving in the Snow, Professor Juno

5:00- Room 22, Outsmarting the Enemy, Mrs. Peck

5:50- Dismissal (Go to homerooms)

"I will bring you to your homerooms," announced Professer Sir Gilbert. He begun to call out the numbers, each animal following him when he called them, dragging their luggage behind them.

Finally, it was Twinkle's turn.

"Room 5!"

Twinkle stepped forward, along with Snowflake and a striped gray bunny with indigo eyes and a dark gray gauntlet with a spiral of light rotating around it. Spirit gauntlet for sure.

Sir Gilbert led them to a corridor that was covered with paintings of phantoms. He unlocked the door with a golden key and led them inside.

The room was like an luxury hotel. There was a plush carpet with some laptops, and bookshelf of books with titles like Phantoms 101, or Phantom Fighting Techniques. There was even a fridge, with some blueberry pie and milk inside. Comfy beds with feather matressses were by a lamp, which was a statue of Graham holding a lightbulb.

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