At The Book Worm you can buy books. Most books cost 60 gems, the max price is 100 gems.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.46.38 PM

When you buy the book, (the only nonfiction books are about animals, and the fiction books are about rumors, like The Lost Jammer, and legends) and go home, you can put the book in your bookshelf or stack them in piles. At The Book Worm there are shelves and piles of books, if you scroll your mouse over the book then it says the name of the book. After you buy your book, if you don't place it in your den, it will show up in your inventory. And if you click on the book then you can read it, but if you place your book in your den then if you click on it you can still read it. In The Book Worm there are some bean bags and chairs you can sit on and read your book.

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