One day, I went on Animal Jam. I saw one of my buddies was online. Being bored, I decided to hang out with him. His username was Wolfman421. His parents had bought him membership, and he decided to get a Lynx. He named his Lynx Major Speedychamp. I always just called him Major. One day, we decided to do a roleplay that we were hikers on Mt. Shiveer. We had made it to the area where the ice was. Major somehow got it into his head to run up to the top. I quickly ran after him. I had made it to the peak and he was gone. I assumed he had pulled some prank on me. I quickly looked up his name to see if he was online. It said he was. I checked every room, and every server. He was gone. 1 Month passed and he was still missing, but it said he was online. It said he was online at 3:00 AM. There was no way he was up that late. One day, I went on Mt. Shiveer on an empty server. I had gone there because I finally decided to follow him. I climbed to the peak where he had gone missing. There I saw it. The abomination. It still haunts me to this day. There was a Lynx, exactly like Major, laying there. He was pale and all his fur was white. He had froze. Suddenly I heard a voice. It went "YOU COULDN'T SAVE HIM." over and over. Suddenly, I woke up in the snow. A black mist began to float around. I saw an all black Lynx charging towards me. It was about to get to me, when I woke up in the hospital. My mother was standing by the bed. She said she had found me laying in the snow, outside the house. I had almost frozen. When I recovered, I went home. I searched up "Wolfman421" in the buddy finder. There was nothing. Except for an image, of a completely black Lynx. Now legend has spread that if you go to Mt. Shiveer's peak at exactly 3:33 AM, Major's ghost will appear.

The Entity Itself Edit

Major's Ghost is a legend about a Lynx, that froze to death on Mt. Shiveer. If you go there at 3:33 AM, an all black Lynx will appear and chase you. It sometimes hypnotizes victims into getting themselves killed, such as going out in the cold. While in the trance they get the hallucination of the Lynx chasing them. AJHQ is trying to get rid of all evidence of Major. They even deleted his old account. Somehow, you can still see his playercard, and he's always playing.

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