Hi Jammers. Today we're going to start doing Warriors on animal jam.


The most important thing to know is ranks. They revolve around your name, your jobs, and your age. When you join a Clan, you will often be told, "warrior name and rank please."

Kits are the youngest form of the Clan. If you're a kit, your name will be ________kit. For example, Owlkit, Cherrykit, Dawnkit, Squirrelkit, Brackenkit, Hollykit.

A kit has no jobs but to play, rest, and eat. Kits are normally curious, always wondering what's happening. For example, Birchkit wanted to join hunting patrols and attacked brambles.

Kits are 0-6 moons (months) old. When they hit 6 moons, they become apprentices.

Apprentices are a younger Clan form, playful and excited. When you become an apprentice, you change your name from ________kit to ________paw. For example: Leafpaw, Squirrelpaw, Hollypaw, Cherrypaw, Cinderpaw.

Apprentices' jobs are to train, hunt for the elders, and collect moss.

An apprentice is an apprentice starting at 6 moons old. They normally become a warrior around 8 to 16 moons old.

Warriors are the adults of the Clan. When you become a warrior,  you change your name from _______paw to ________________. For example, Squirrelflight, Brackenfur, Cinderheart, Sorreltail.

Warriors' jobs are to hunt, fight, and train apprentices. Although they will sometimes do apprentices' jobs when there are fewer younger cats than usual.

A warrior can be any age starting at 8 moons old.  They stop being normal warriors when:

For a female warrior, they become a queen.

They become deputy.

They become leader.

They decide to become a medicine cat.

They retire to join the elders. 

They join StarClan, making them a dead warrior that hunts in the sky.

Queens are she-cats that are expecting or nursing kits. They still have their warrior name. For example: Sorreltail, Squirrelflight, Frostfur.

Queens have simple jobs: taking care of their kits. They are treated with respect and love, and will often be helped by medicine cats.

Queens are often a warrior's age, but they're likely to only become a queen a few moons after they become a warrior.

Deputies are secondary leader of the Clan. They keep their warrior names. For example: Squirrelflight, Fireheart, Brambleclaw, Graystripe.

A deputy has many jobs, starting at a normal warrior's. Their other jobs are to orginize hunting patrols, and so on.

A deputy can be any age, but they must have trained atleast one apprentice.

Leaders are the heart of the Clan. When a deputy or (on special times) a warrior becomes leader, they recieve 9 lives and the name _______star. For example: Bluestar, Firstar, Tallstar.

A leader's jobs are to make desicions for the Clan, and make new ranks for cats.

A leader is usually old, but sometimes they will be young, like Firestar or Crookedstar.

Medicine cat apprentices are misteries. They could have an apprentice's name or a warrior's name. But by the end of their training, they must have a warrior's name.  For example, Leafpaw, Leafpool, Cinderpaw, Cinderpelt, Mothwing.

A medicine cat apprentice's job is to train, heal, and interpret signs from StarClan.

A medicine cat apprentice can be any age starting at 6 moons old.

A medicine cat will have a full name. For example: Leafpool, Cinderpelt, Yellowfang, Mothwing.

A medicine cat's job is the same as a medicine cat apprentice's, but instead of being trained, they train the next medicine cat.

Elders are the oldest cats. They can keep their warrior name or change it. For example, Oneeye, Longtail, Crimsonscruff.

Elders have  no jobs but to complain and talk and tell stories.

Elders can be any age, as long as it's REALLY OLD. Although, injured cats like Longtail will join the elders because they can't fight and hunt for their Clan, and they can't be a medicine cat. (So actually, elders don't have to be old, just unable to serve as a warrior or a medicine cat.


Once you've chosen your rank and age, choose your name.

To start with, choose your full name. Start with a word like Rose, and then find another one like heart.

Name help: Roseheart, Cherryleaf, Mudheart, Deadfur, Snowmoon.

If you are any rank but a kit, apprentice, leader, or a medicine cat apprentice, you have your name. Other ranks will choose the last name provided for their rank.

Kit: _kit.

Apprentice: _paw

Leader: _star

Medicine cat apprentice (without full name): _paw


If you're roleplaying on animal jam, you must have an animal! 


Kits: Bunny

Apprentices: Bunny

Warriors: Wolf

Queens: Wolf

Deputy: Wolf

Leader: Wolf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Bunny, Wolf

Medicine Cat: Wolf

Elders: Wolf


Kits: Bunny, Lynx

Apprentices: Bunny, Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox

Warriors: Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf

Queens: Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf

Deputy: Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf

Leader:  Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Bunny, Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf

Medicine Cat:  Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf

Elders:  Lynx, Fox, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Arctic Wolf


You have your rank, age, name, and animal. Now you need a color. For color one, ulimanate every color but black, gray,  white, any shade of brown, and orange. :going back to Roseheart as my example: For Roseheart, since her name is Roseheart and both are red, I will make her orange for color one and orange for color 2.

For the eyes, ulimanate black and red.

For Roseheart, I will choose green eyes because a rose's leaves are green.

For the pattern, do what I did for color and eye color.


Your character needs personality. For example: Roseheart is a beatiful, soft, loving cat.