Grand Spiritwolf
Vital statistics
Title The Magic Wolf Knight
  • The Apprentice of Greeley
  • The Ward of the Wolf
Gender Male
Race Wolf
Faction The Alphas
Health Good
Level Guardian / Beta of the Wolves
Status Alive
Location Sarepia Forest

Grand Spiritwolf or Grand is the Guardian / Beta and Apprentice of Greeley, as he was formerly the Ward of him, before he wanted to learn how to utilize magic. His Magic symbol and color is a Blue Wolf Paw Print.

Personality Edit

Grand has a playful personality and is incredible kind to all animals, but when push comes to shove he can be incredible scary and serious. Having been raised by Greeley he has known to not trust people so easily without proof or courage. When at home he is always looking for ways to help the other animals.

Upon learning Greeley had sacrificed himself for Jaama, Grand decided to commit all his time to protecting Jaama or practicing his magic to better help defend others. He realized that he became too harsh when learning about Greeley's death and that the only way to keep his legacy alive was to show animals that had no love in their hearts was kindness.

Appearance Edit

Grand Spiritwolf

Grand's appearance.

Grand is a tall male wolf a bit at Greeley's Height, his fur is an ocean blue, his paws, underbelly bottom half of his muzzle is a ice blue. His eyes have been known to be described as sapphire blue by many animals. The symbols on his body are crescent moons which symbolize his connection to the wolves and to the moon. His main peace of clothing is his blue diamond shaped amulet.

Biography Edit

He was abandoned as a pup right in Sarefia Forest, when the Phantoms first attacked and his parents wanted a better life for him, so they fought but were later defeated. While Greeley and Liza were walking in the forest Grand started to walk and stumble out of a log and since he was a pup kept falling over and didn't see where he was going and tumbled over and landed on Greeley's paw.

Greeley looked down at him and took him in his maw and walked with Liza to the center of Jaama where Greeley cared for him until he was old enough to start learning magic.

Abilities Edit

Blue Paw Magic Symbol

This is Grand's Magic Symbol for when he uses his magic.

As a wolf, Grand is fast and has extraordinary hunting skills. As Greeley's Ward and later Apprenticed Grand is experienced in paw to paw, magic and later combat magic.

Magic: Grand can use numerous magic abilities in everyday life to help others or to help protect Jaama. Grand is able to utilize elemental magic. He is known to practice with Greeley with magic attacks. He has now taken to learning crystal magic to counteract phantoms dark goo and crystal magic.