Cheetahs are Jamaa's fastest land animals. They love the place were the pet tree and there top speed is 70

AJ cheetah 3
Cheetah on a rock

Member or Nonmember

member only



Land or Underwater

Land Only

Only Party

Savanah-like with a shop and a waterfall

Recomended Land

Appondale and Kimbara Outback


No matter what pattern you choose, the unique tear-like markings will always be there.

mph. They are member only animals and their Shaman Cheetah is the fastest of them all. He is known to go up to 90 mph, so yeah that's pawsome!
Cheetah 2

A Cheetah Family


A running Cheetah


Dance: They do "Can't Touch This" moves

Sleep: They sleep just like the arctic wolf, which is curled up in a ball

Play: They crouch, then zip super fast in a blur, leaving the stuff they are wearing flying in the air... then reapeat

Hop: They hop like tigers but just a little higher
Cheetah Portraits

Some various Cheetah portraits, they are new and popular.

they are members-only and you have to buy them for 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop.