Callidus ran through the forest as fast as he could,the evil cougar charged faster he was faster though. He tripped over a big rock and fell,his paw was bleeding badly the blood gushed out. The evil cougar got closer Callidus took a deep breathe slowly,when he turned around the cougar was right behind him! The cougar pinned him down with claws unsheathed,the claws sank into his neck he struggled for air, the cougar clawed his face! Blood ran down his face fast the cougar bite him right in his neck, Callidus took his last breath and thanked mira and zios for his life. he closed his eyes and shut his mouth and went limb and his heart stopped and his spirit faded away and which now is upon mira and zios. THE END! :note to the readers: Thank you for reading Callisdus's death and we hope you honor his life as much as I did and thank you again for reading Callisdus's real death and he is now with mira and zios in heaven.

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