Animal jam Phantom adventures 2 is a sequel of the phantom adventures.

Plot: When nazo and greely and the phantoms died, Sonic and Sun the hedgehog celebrate that they savied the world shadow returned.Admiral bring nazo and greely and the phantoms back to live. Super gogo Returned to help even sonic's friends and the alphas all of the jammers helped. A unknown person named birch in the past times tried to defeat the true phantom. Mythical the true phantom tried to take over greely's brain so he can become evil thats how greely becamed evil. Hatsune miku and Pacman returned.

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Training grounds

Green hill zone


Eggman base

Bunny burrow

Lava world

Cold land

The hives 

Phantom's castle

Dragon's lair

Space of the end of the world ( Final stage )

Volcano ( Bonus stage )

Boss battles:


100 phantoms

King phantom 





Huge phantom ( Bonus boss battle )                                                                                                                 


It was comfirmed that sega and namco and nintendo and capcom help making this game.

This might be release in 2016.

This is the first time animal jam had a sequel.

It was also comfirmed that miku and pacman will return too.

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