Animal Jam has lots of fun things to do. What I like about it is that they added Adventures. Adventures are games that are long and they test your animals' instincts for killing phantoms. The current Adventures are listed here:

  • "Return of The Phantoms" is the first and is a beginners' adventure.
  • "The Phantom Portal" is the second and is an intermediate adventure.
  • "Meet Cosmo" is a hard, complicated adventure that glitches my computer the most, so I don't play it a lot.
  • "The Hive" is very hard, even for me. Hard Mode rocks.
  • Oh no! "The Escape"! You have to escape from the phantoms. Very, verrryyyy hard.


AJ Adventures are fun and as they get bigger and longer, it gets harder. The Hive is a new adventure that you have to defeat the Phantom King in. And whoa, is it complitcated! It is basiclly a maze of rock pathways that are full of phantoms. Be sure to hae a full supply of boomseeds and a torch, but all the same, be careful, because if you die, you will drop whatever you are holding. So, like if you are going to the elbem and you have an Alpha Stone, then the phantoms put you into a deep sleep, you will drop it btw.

The Hive

The Hive picture when it first came out.


Rare Item Mondays and Adventure PrizesEdit

Rare Item Mondays should be "NON-Rare Item Mondays", because the "rares" they give out everyone can buy and they get so common they aren't rare anymore. And sometimes the rares are horrible!!! Like the rare police hat, or the rare bonnet. Blaahhh! Horrible rares AJHQ! Anyway sometimes they do epic rares like the rare bookshelf. Now, THAT rare was epic. It had green and blue shelves! And that one time when they gave out fox hats again... ^-^.

Adventure den items (prizes). Those are awesome, though sometimes they give you lame clothes. No biggie. I have tons of epic Adventure items, like the Boomseed tree, 4 Alpha stones (3 orange, 1 green), and 2 fire drums! I like how you can choose randomly, and once I got a rare shark fin from one! You can buy phantom cages now, but thankfully not the beta ones that connect to your wall. I have one.