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Welcome to the animal jam Fanon!

The animal jam Fanon is a wiki where you can tell everyone about roleplaying!! It also contains lots of fakes and more. And remember: DON'T copy, DON'T be mean, DON'T write about stuff that doesn't have to do with animaljam, and follow the rest of the rules and stay safe! Thank you for reading!

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Here you can make pages about ideas you want to put onto Animal jam!

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And remember: Follow the rules here if you wanna stay safe!

Have a great time here and lets do some fanon! there are a few requests for pages these are the requests: a page that teaches anatomy, a page with warrior cat stories like the ones the elders tell, a page with all the famous warrior cats from the book, and warrior cat name of clan helper for thinking of names, a hunters guide, a fighters guide and an animal page. Please create some of these pages if you do you will be honored and thanked. I don't know anatomy so that I think is the most useful page out of them all.

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